September 16, 2011: Lisa Randall

Lisa Randall is a stone cold bitch if there ever was one.  She’s condescending, domineering, and intimidating.  She’s also a scientist.  And she’s sort of hot.

Is there any wonder she has made five appearances on the Charlie Rose Show?

In this interview, much like the others, she barely contains her contempt for Charlie’s (let’s admit it) far inferior intellect under a thin veneer of politeness.  She gently congratulates him on each of the questions she considers “good” and redefines all the questions she considers inane.  So we get stuff like this:

Conclusion: Lisa Randall really needs to knock back a cocktail or two before any future appearances on CR.  She’ll enjoy the experience way more.  Charlie will enjoy the experience WAY more.  We the viewers will be privy to television GOLD.

One Response to September 16, 2011: Lisa Randall

  1. Bob says:

    Dear Bureau Chiefs, seriously, four months between posts? C’mon. I check this site every day in anticipation. See if CR will toss you some of that Coke money so you can do this full time.

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